First of all, Ben isn't dead. However, there is an episode in two weeks that features ben called "Dead is Dead", so think of that what you will. Remember when sayid said, "That's what I am here to do" when talking about escaping with the young ben linus because he thinks that sayid is a "hostile" and he wants to join the hostiles. Now, if the others are the original inhabitants of the island, which goes back to when Richard Alpert got rid of the army troup trying to test an H-bomb and ultimately purged the Dharma Initiative. Bear in mind, the Dharma Initiative comes from the Hanso Foundation which is associated with the Widmore Corporation. If you think that the Island in some way has a plan for people or a destiny, which I do, then it naturally wouldn't like the Dharma Initiative's presence. These are outsiders coming in. Darma only came in during the 1970's and I'm guessing that Charles Widmore's organization had some indirect association or funding of the dharma initiative's cause, whatever that may be (curing cancer, testing the valenzetti equation, psychological/telepethy tests). Bear in mind that Widmore was kicked off the island for whatever reason when he used to be a memeber of the "original inhabitents" lead be richard alpert, and not allowed to return, ben wasn't. I'm not saying that the Dharma Initiative is bad. Alvar Hanso, the creator of the Dharma Initiative as seen in the Sri Lanka video, seems to be generally good and interested in "mental health appeal" and the general concept of "good people". All the Dharma Initiatve people seemed to have been recruited for their caliber and "goodness", this is the same with the others. But to me, I feel that Richard Alpert is some kind of vessle for the island. He seems to know probably the most about the island's history and true intentions than anybody else. And he believed in Ben and was part of appointing ben to take over for him as the new leader of the island's "original inhabitants". Now, John Locke is the new leader. So, if you think that Ben is potentially a "bad" guy, he was chosen just like Locke to be the leader and carry out the prophecies of the island. One theory could be that it was meant for Sayid to kill young Ben because Ben needed to die possibly because the prophecy of him was wrong and that he is evil. I don't know if I agree with this. Also, Ben was given a fatal tumor by the island and possibly forecasted to die. Right now, I think ben is essentially a good guy. He was the one who told Locke that he had to bring the oceanic six back, which was truth. This was seconded to Locke by Christian Sheppard, who also seems to be somehow all-knowing and a "vessel" of the island. So ben is folliwing the prophecies of the island/the others (who/whatever is commanding these). When ben killed locke in that room, it may have been to assure himself that he was dead, which he had to be (Christian, Alpert said so). Ben may have also been involved in getting Sayid and Hugo on the plane, both of whom show up on the Ajira Airlines flight somewhat mysteriously, also Frank is the pilot. I don't think that was an element of fate, someone organized Hugo and Sayid to be on the plane, someone working with ben, maybe Eloise Hawiking maybe someone else. Also, who were all those people ben had Sayid killing? I don't think that they were Widmore's people. Widmore never had any intention of killing any of the surviors of the flight and it's been said that he wasn't the one to put the fake plane/bodies in that trench. They could have been Widmore's people, but ben needed to persuade Sayid to kill them so he said that they were out to kill them, that they had a guy outside's Hurley's mental hospital, etc... I don't really have a solid theory on what Ben's intentions were here. It could have been that he needed Sayid to kill these people so that he could get caught by a bounty hunter and ultimately taken to the Ajira Airlines flight. For whatever reason all of the Oceanic Six are important to the island and had to come back in order to stop the constant movement through time of the island, also it was important that jack, kate, and hurley rejoin Sawyer and Juliette in Dharma times. So, I do not think right now that young ben was killed by sayid, but i could be wrong also how does one figure if the young ben's death would immedietly affect the older ben, who is also on the island. If I had to say, i would say that if young ben was killed, his older self would be dead too. My guess is we don't find out till 2 weeks in the episode "Dead is Dead" which features ben. Also, there's the question of what did ben in the immidete time before boarding the Ajira Airlines flight. I do think he went to kill Penelope Widmore. He promised to avenge his daughter's death by killing Widmore's daughter, although for some reason he cannot kill Charles Widmore directly. Desmond may have gotten involved and been killed as well in the skirmish which injured ben. We haven't seen any desmond since he left that church or whatever where Eloise Hawking was, that was right before ben told jack that he had to go take care of a loose end before he went back to the island. So, for whatever reason there is a major rivalry between Ben and Widmore, Widmore claims to have led the others for 30 years before being kicked out, this would have been around the time Ben took power after the "purge" of the Dharma Initiative. Ben and Ethan, possibly others, left the Dharma Initiative where they came from and joined the others. Widmore was a memeber of the others and may have been born on the island, his father created the Widmore corporation in the mid 1800's was a trader of sorts and was responsible for having the Black Rock land on the island. So, one could argue that Widmore was born on the island. SO, it may have been "the island's" decision, or Alpert's, to kick off Widmore, who seemed to be a bit of a hothead as a youngster and the leadership was given to ben in the mid 70's. Widmore may have led the others between the late 50's - late 70's or so. Some theories: 1. The island may have wanted ben dead in order to have the Dharma Initiative remain in existence, 2. The island didn't want the Dharma Initiative there and that's why Ben couldn't have died as a kid. 3. Ben could talk to Jacob and was a very large element of what the island did, so therefore he couldn't have been killed by Sayid's rash decision to shoot him in the heat of the moment because Sayid wanted revenge on Linus for what he put him through. All I know and believe to be the truth is that Richard Alpert is good and he has been carrying out the prophecies of the island for a long time. He got rid of the army, he found locke, ben, He got rid of the dharma initiative. He told locke to die and bring back his friends. So, I think Ben is an element of good even though he always has a look like he's got something planned and is up to no good. Although ben has his vices, he kills people without any issue. So, think what you will and respond to this blog post, and we'll think about some more theories about what is/isn't true/good.

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