hello again i just wanted to clarify something for u after i have seen ur replies it must be that damon and carlton looked up into many science time travel stuff before making season 5 and there is one thing many of us seem r confused about is what if u do something that did not happen like killing ur dad how come u r born then and many like that ex:ben when was shot and then the bomb some say still if it did not happen then it wont happen anyway i just wanted to tell i have been searching alot and i discovered may be u know that but u can actually do that u can go back and kill ur dad and still be there and scientists say when u travel back in time there is a big possiblity that u create a new line of events that could be different from the world u came from and it is also like what we saw in fringe if u have seen it j j abrams got there in a different way we see the the twin towers still standing and it is 2009 so it is possible that after all this time traveling they may say this is a series of event that is different from the world which opposes faradys saying but still he may be wrong i mean this is lost may be they let him say this just to confuse us and we see him make mistakes before may be this is another one i have a confident feeling that it would be like this what do u think??? thanks

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