see this season had many jumps through time and not just that there was a difference and i think they had a screw up see we know that the ajira 316 landed on the island in 2007/2008 but it was different first we heard the 4 8 15 16 23 42 on the raido as if roussau never came to the island and then we see the barracks still have the dharma initiative signs as if there was no purge it may be the bomb changed anything after 1977 but in episode 9 we see ben goes to one of the hydra station offices(his office) and takes up a picture of him and his daughter alexandra (roussou daughter) so how could he have the picture if roussou never came to the island and the picture in if he and the hostiles did not kill the dharma people which means he was not the leader to have this as his office

farady said whatever happened happened unless they change it by the bomb which it appeantly did because of the difference we see in 2007/2008

the point is how did the picture get there if roussou did not come to the island and ben was not the leader because the was no purge

if u will tell me it happened but in a different way may be then i will be crazy after watching 100 episodes and then realize that events did not happen how i saw them to become this is pissing me offffffff what do u think?

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