This is more of an observation than anything else, but... are there any theories as to how, why, and when the US Army first arrived on the island? (Or, how and when they first learned about it?) We've been told (by Eloise) that the island's space/time coordinates are pinpointed using the pendulum in Dharma's "Lamp Post" station. However, the Army was already on the island in the 1950s... well before Dharma. It seems highly unlikely that the Army located the island on a "routine" reconnaissance mission. Was the Army tipped off by someone using the donkey wheel? Also, since the Army must have known about the island's special properties, it seems highly illogical that conducting a "routine" nuclear test there (using Jughead) was the real reason for their mission. Perhaps their real mission was to gain control of the electromagnetic energy pockets. In addition, if the Army knew how to locate the island, why didn't they send backup (or invade the island) after their troops were killed by Widmore's group?

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