OK with only 3 hours left what is expected not to be answered by the end

  • I still haven't seen this magic box!
  • They won't explain what happened to everyones favorite interracial elderly couple Rose and Bernard
  • I am not excepting them to name smokey at all now, I don't think he has a name now
  • What Cindy's deal is
  • How many toes Richard has
  • the hurley bird
  • Pretty much the deal with Walt so if he psychic is the guy who told claire not to let other people raise her baby psychic
  • The whole Kate love triangle (frankly I'm tried of it let just get rid of Kate)
  • The fact that Jin and Suns kid is in fact the candidate
  • so what do you guys wish they would explain but you know they won't

there happy? Fixed things up a little the period button on my laptop is a little stuck

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