I just started to work out the kinks in this theory on another site so give me some time to clear it up. I just wanted to post it ASAP since I don't see one like it anywhere

There are two methods of Time travel the conscious and the physical. I think the nosebleeds on both methods of Time Travel are do the proximity one has from the other version of himself AND the duration of consciousness in that version. Too long or too close leads to nosebleeds followed by death. Can’t have two versions of yourself in the 70’s right? Charlotte’s last words was a simple merging of consciousness with her younger self. If your future self dies in the past your consciousness is sent to that past version. Meaning charlotte’s mind went back to the kid version in the 70’s just as Desmonds would have been merged with his younger self had not Farraday saved him. Of course, if you do die and younger consciousness reboots itself into your younger version, you remember nothing.

SO…I think that the others have the ability to unstick ones mind from time and send it to a past/future version of yourself …. OR *drum roll* another persons body or “Remember when we used to celebrate birthdays?”

Once in the temple, Maybe Richard sends the Bens consciousness to the to the future version of Ben on the smaller island.

I still say Jacobs consciousness was sent through time into John

I think the end game numbers/incident scenario causes the death of all the losties who's consciouness are all immediately sent back to the past which coarse corrects them all right back to flight 815 with recollection. Which means all they had to do was stay and the wouldn’t have ended up dying in the past. What we know of John and Charlottes past is certainly implies the possibilty of this.

I think they should have kept pushing that button “Time travels a bitch” ;-)

I 'd also like to agree with the whole 108 minute time loop theory. The rules do not apply to Desmond because he was the ONLY person to arrive on the island DURING the time loop that wasn't there before....AND who survived long enough to leave. Therefore He has the ability change the time line anytime before 2004

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