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November 24, 2008
  • Adanewbie

    I already wrote a little blog about this but that was written in a hurry and without much thinking. I am still not sure about certain appearances on the Island and who was responsible for it. Those are:

    Walt standing at the Pit stopping Locke from killing himself The wet backwards talking Walt that appeared to Shannon and told her not to push the button Christian on the freighter telling Michael to go now Kates Horse Bens Mother But most of all I am curious about Claudia, the real mother of MiB and Jacob.

    Now we know that MiB could only impersonate dead people. Furthermore, the body has to be on the Island. That was confirmed during his talk with Jack. So we can rule out any appearances of people or animals that are not dead. Like Walt, Bens…

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  • Adanewbie

    First of all, awesome Finale, didnt lack anything. That being said, theres something i still dont know or understand. Its about the various appearances of people on the Island.

    As far as i get it, MiB could only impersonate people that died on the Island, right? Like Christian and Yemi. Does that mean that all the other appearances can be attributed to Jacob?

    Walt standing at the pit stopping Locke from killing himself. The wet backwards talking Walt that appeared to Shannon. Kates Horse.

    But im mostly curious about the appearances of Claudia. Since that obvioulsy wasnt jacob, MiB or "mother", its fair to assume the Island creates this appearances by itself. Opinions?

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  • Adanewbie

    I was just looking through the unsolved mysteries on Lospedia and i came across the Hurley Bird. Now i know this is a long shot and we dont really know if that bird really screamed "Hurley", but maybe this was a small, small foreshadowing on who is to become the protector of the island. Seems like something Damon and Carlton would do.

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