• Adameins

    Man in Black

    June 5, 2010 by Adameins

    You know... after watching this whole season, I kinda feel sorry for the man in black.

    Sure, we know the story: he wanted to be where he came from, he wanted to see the outside world. But I kinda think he was a victim.

    Yeah, I know, he killed many-many people. But didn't Jacob or his Mother do the same?

    Mother said: she kept MiB on the island, because she loved him. Sure, that is nice, but I think it is very selfish. To keep MiB on the Island, just because she can't let him go? I totally understand why man in black stabbed his mother...

    And we know the part where Jacob got blinded by his anger, thus tossed his brother in the light that created the Monster that killed many people...

    So I really don't think MiB is that bad. At least not worse tha…

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  • Adameins

    The end

    May 25, 2010 by Adameins

    Oo-kay, that was one helluva ending. But I don't get something.

    Jack dies, and ended up in the church. But Hurley is alive, and would go on to protect the Island for who knows how many years. So if Hurley dies later, he will end up in the same church with Jack? matter when they die, they all "move on" at the same time? Of course, I know, there is no when or where in the post-death timeline, but I think you know what I mean. Is that the case?

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  • Adameins

    I don't think I understand this moment.

    Okay, so how is it that Roger ages, but Pierre Chang doesn't in the alternate timeline? Anyone?

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  • Adameins

    Hey there people of the mighty and awesome Lostpedia!

    Y'know, I was watching a season 2 episode called The Other 48 days. And I seriously think Goodwin is an idiot. Yeah, exactly, an idiot, because he could've easily avoid Ana Lucias distrust that caused his cover to blow. Ana Lucia said Goodwin wasn't even wet at the day of the crash. Well, my question is: why the hell didn't he said he landed in the trees, just like Bernard? A simple way to keep up his guise for God knows how long. Probably until the mid-section survivors would figure out his name is not on the manifest.

    Write your thoughts about this please!

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  • Adameins


    April 6, 2010 by Adameins

    Hey everyone!

    I've been wandering about the case of Sayid, cause I'm not sure about something. He said he doesn't feel anything. Pain, happiness, nothing. I guess that includes the pain he felt over the loss of Nadia, Shannon, etc. Then my question is: why does he remain with the Man in Black? What can Locke possibly promise to Sayid that would make him stay on his side? I don't think I understand this moment here.

    Please write your thoughts!

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