Don't get me wrong, LOST "is" the best show known to man so far. There is nothing wrong with the show or the characters.... BUT! LOST has changed so much, too much if you ask me. After watching Across The Sea earlier I thought back to Season 1-3 and how LOST was then. My opinion is that i miss the 'old' LOST. It has changed so much from a great show about the characters crashing on an island and trying to get off with other issues and situations imbetween. Now it isn't what it used to be. I repeat! I have nothing wrong with the current LOST but thinking back to episodes such as "Whatever The Case May Be" or "A Tale of Two Cities" (random examples) it is not as such the same show. I miss the show it was before and all these plot twists and the introduction of The Source especially! The Source looks like something out of Star Trek or Indiana Jones...Still a good idea but since the introduction of Jacob's and MiB's past and other plot twisters and revalations it has changed. Yeah changes happen during time and I still will give LOST a well deserved 10/10 now. I just wondered of any of you have thought of what LOST was and missed the original plots.

I am of course dreading the end of LOST forever :( :( :( but I can see the end of LOST as eiter too much of a plot changer and a dissapointing shock revalations by bringing in some magic or true theory about life "OR" a great end with the original cast and LOST ending about "them"! They deserve it. Focus on the cast and plzzzzzz don't let the main cast get involved with The Source this close to the end, it's going to create more and more questions about them and the whole show.

Directors: Let's slow down now, take your foot off the accelerator and back down! Slow down and let's have a sweeeeeet, sad ending with the LOST we had joining with the 'new' LOST.



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