LOST DVD Error!!!

AdamDS95 August 13, 2010 User blog:AdamDS95

My friend recently got given LOST Season's 1 and 2 by a family member. He was really excited to finally watch LOST on DVD. But. On the second disc in the 1st Season and a disc in the 2nd Season, the disc's are not right. On the Season 1 Disc 2 dvd, the content is an exact replica of Season 1 Disc 1 - so Disc 2 has the first four episodes of LOST on it. Also, on a disc in the Second Season, i think it is Disc 4, the content is the Special Features which is meant to be on a Bonus Disc because it is the Extended Experience box, so there is a chunk of 4 episodes missing!! What is going on?!

Btw, the Season 1 box is the original set and the Season 2 is the extended experience without the bonus disc. (the bonus content is on the disc 4)


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