Now what will we do?

With no LOST, and no future too

Yes ok we have LOST on DVD

All six seasons, but that’s not enough for us you see

All we can do is watch LOST over and over again

And understand the true motives of Ben

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE watching LOST over and over again

But we need to find out the unsolved mysteries that were never solved

Like the Others and how Christian was really involved

Also the Numbers that were never brought to light

Why those numbers gave Hurley a fright

We will miss the characters the most

All of them, even those we now see as ghosts

Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate

Now we know Jack’s true fate

Sayid, Jin, Sun, Locke

The Man in Black disguised as Flocke

Charlie, Claire, Desmond, Ben

So Desmond really was special then

Juliet, Michael, Miles, Walt

Was Juliet’s death really Jack’s fault?

Shannon, Richard, Frank, Boone

Hurley’s time as protector was very soon

Ana Lucia, Daniel, Bernard, Rose

So now we know where Vincent goes

What about Jacob and Man in Black

There differences causing each other to lack

Till one day Jacob found a way

A replacement he needed, this was the day

Jack would rise to the challenge and fulfill his destiny

At the cost of an almighty fee

His life it would cost him but deep down he knew

His sacrifice would complete what he had to do

His death completing his next leg of his journey in Purgatory

He will find his friends, his love in harmony

The End they call it and the end it shall become

Because now us fans must live with so much but none

Of the feeling that we may never of watched LOST ever

And the journey we took that we must endeavour

To our own end that we share with only LOST and ourselves

Maybe our friends, from friend to friend

And remember the day of LOST: The End

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