Is Christian Shephard actually dead or not. In Season 1, Jack found his fathers coffin with no body in it. He then starts seeing Christian on the island but just like Hurley starts seeing Dave, they can never follow who they see. Jack later goes on to say (i dont know when this was) that he saw his father put in the coffin and saw the coffin put on the plane! Plenty of characters have encountered Christian on the island as well as off the island; Hurley, Claire, Michael, Sun, Frank and even Vincent the dog have seen him on the island, all in different situations and places.

So is he really alive or is he dead?

On Lostpedia, Christian has a "Death and Reappearance" section and on his factfile section it says "On the plane... ...deceased, in a coffin" - this must prove he has been dead. Is he any different from Locke??

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