Okay, so wwe know a few facts about smokey:

1) THe Sonic Fence keeps him out of Dharmaville Left Behind

2) He was around in 1988 This Place Is Death

3) He is summoned from the cave under Horace's (now Bens) house in Dharmaville Dead Is Dead

Now we dont know for sure he was around in the 70's because we hadn't seen him but the sonic fence was there for some reason, Richard saying it was to keep things out other than the Hostiles. It's also implied he's as old as the Temple, The heiroglyphics being one clue, him popping out of the vent, another. So if Smokey is as ancient as the Temple seems to be, and was presumably roaming the Island during the Dharma 70's, WHAT THE HELL WERE AMY AND PAUL DOING HAVING A PICNIC OUT IN THE OPEN??!!!! I mean seriously, not only do you know there are hostile indigenous people running all over the place but a 40 foot tall monster made of smoke? Seems to me that 's just inviting trouble in for a drink. And now that I've made the point i was going for, that Smokey was around, why didn't he attack them? semms like he was kinda aligned with the Others/Hostiles and I know they would take the opportunity to snuff out a couple of DI's, since that's what those two dicks did to Paul in "LaFleur". Theories?

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