I just got to "Lafleur" on my personal rewatch (I plan to do 2 more before S6) and noticed something ....Charlotte tells them to go to the well so that Locke can find and fix the Donkey Wheel, right? So how did anyone know to dig a well there (and later build the Orchid station to harness the wheel and the energy)? Well after the next to last flash, the well disappears, Locke falls, and Sawyer is left holding the rope as we already know that inanimate objects some along on the flashes as long as someone is holding them. So, Sawyer lets go of the rope, Locke fixes the Donkey Wheel, and the group travels to 1974...but the rope stays in the past. Now the well is back but has been filled in for whatever reason but here's the day some hostile is boppin along in the woods and sees this rope sticking out of the ground for apparently no reason and thinks to himself, "Hmm...I wonder what's down there? Maybe I should dig it out and see what's up!" So the loop is Sawyer goes to the well and leaves a trail for someone in the past to dig the well so that it's there for Sawyer to go to! Just a small point but I am curious as to who dug the well.

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