So there's a lot of talk about the next show to watch after our favorite serial ends, Flashforward being the top choice I believe. Well I've come up with an idea I think I should send in to ABC, kind of a spin-off like Joanie loves Chachi or A Different World, but based around the "alternate timeline" theory. Let me know how you think it will be received (this is just a joke BTW).


John Locke is a meek man, moving from town to town searching for his purpose in life. He elieves he's special, maybe even a leader of men, but after a commune he is residing at is raided by DEA officials, he narrowly escapes, fleeing to Australia to avoid incarceration. While living down under he meets a young woman named Kate Austin who is also on the lam after attempting to murder her abusive, drunken stepfather. They decide to start over opening a rehab center for troubled people looking to atone for their pasts and improve thier futures. The couple acquire financing from a newly wealthy man named Hugo Reyes who has also relocated to Australia to escape a run of bad luck he has recently had after winning the lottery. Hugo is also an aspiring stand-up comedian who recently desided to form a tribute act to comedy greats Cheech and Chong with his best friend, Miles Straum, after he lost out on an audition for a new series set in Hawaii that to him seemed a bit like a "Fantasy Island" rip-off written by people who watched way too many episodes of the great former program "The Prisoner." Miles agrees to come along, even though he resents having to play the "Cheech" part of the act due to his obvious vertical deficiency, and unbeknowst to Hugo is really searching for his father, an aging physicist who abandoned Miles' family when he was still an infant. A clinical psychologist named Libby answers their ad, wishing to leave America and put distance between herself and the memories of her late husband, Dave, who was killed in a freak accident at a mental hospital involving a Connect Four game and another patient. Dr. Libby also contacts her colleague Dr. Juliet Portland, as the newly opened Walkabout Rehab Facility still needs an on site physician. Their first clients are a heroin-addicted man, Charlie Pace, formerly a rock god with the band "Oil Filter" and his sweetly beautiful girlfriend, Claire, who turned to drugs after losing her baby in a miscarriage suffered as a consequence of her being in and accident after being distraced by some passing seagulls. Later, an American doctor, Jack Shepard, arrives at the facility, looking to cure his alcoholism. It seems that during a drinking trip around the world his father told him he never had "it" in him to be great and then mysteriously disappeared and all Jack could to cope with this was drink and cry...alot. Seriously, he cries at least once every week, usually about 43 minutes or so. Lastly, a con man named James Ford "Tallahassee Jim" Lafleur is being hunted by some fellow con men he craossed in a deal involving diamonds stolen from the set of the hit TV show, "Expose". He dresses in drag, calling himself "Clementine Saywer" and checks is to the "Island Dreams" rehabilitational facility, claiming his problems stem from being "touched" his creepy uncle Jacob when he was a young boy, errm...girl! Wackiness ensues!

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