So I realized that John Locke and I have the same birthday, May 30th, other known as the official Memorial Day for fallen soldiers. This is cool because although Hurley is my favorite character, I fell I identify with Locke the most: I love camping having grown up in rural Michigan, I watch a lot of "Survivorman" and believe I have the skills that would help out alot in a Robinson Crusoe situation, I am often looked to as "the reluctant leader" by my friends and at various jobs i have held in the past, and I excelled in elementary and high school only to find myself feeling "lost" in the real world without really knowing where i fit in. my question is: what lost charcter do you most identify with and why? Sort of a way to get to know the other members of our little community here on LP without being all cyberstalker-like.

And please no "I'm like Kate because I'm really hot" posts. Please put some thought into your answers.

(I guess after finally finding a job and working a full week for the first time in months I'm feeling like I need to stay busy on my day off. I'm pretty blog happy today!)

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