So a random thought just popped into my head.... I believe the heroes of this tale known as "Lost" are the oceanic survivors, since the Others have killed all of Dharma, Dharma seems to be riddled with egocentric jerks like Phil and Radsinsky (sp?), and I have no idea what's up with the new Ajira people. So if the Oceanic are our heroes, why are they such wusses? Sawyer's been tortured and beaten within inches of his life, Jack's gotten his ass kicked so many times I can't count them all, Jin pretty much does whatever any English speaking person tells him to do, and bad-ass Republican Guard Sayid got captured by a crazy French chick. I'm not saying I advocate violence as a way to solve all your problems, but c'mon! Maybe the biggest mystery revealed in S6 will be the hidden pocket of estrogen that periodically blows across the island.

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