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May 23, 2009
  • Acefrog

    3 Observations About L.A. X

    February 7, 2010 by Acefrog

    So I don't have any theories on the new stuff yet, just three things I noticed on the second watch of the ep.

    1) Although Kate saw Sawyer laying on the ground before she saw Jack, She runs to Jack first to see if he's O.K. Seems like she made her choice, huh?

    2) Why did the temple guys have to take off the Dharma jumpsuit for Sayid to enter the water but not his other clothes? Does the dharma brand have something wrong with it?

    3) Nice to see the Dharma Shark make a cameo appearance in the swim-by shot of the undewater statue foot. I'm glad that guys still getting work even though he's obviously been type-cast for life.

    Theories, questions, random thoughts...?

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  • Acefrog

    Smokey question

    August 13, 2009 by Acefrog

    Okay, so wwe know a few facts about smokey:

    1) THe Sonic Fence keeps him out of Dharmaville Left Behind

    2) He was around in 1988 This Place Is Death

    3) He is summoned from the cave under Horace's (now Bens) house in Dharmaville Dead Is Dead

    Now we dont know for sure he was around in the 70's because we hadn't seen him but the sonic fence was there for some reason, Richard saying it was to keep things out other than the Hostiles. It's also implied he's as old as the Temple, The heiroglyphics being one clue, him popping out of the vent, another. So if Smokey is as ancient as the Temple seems to be, and was presumably roaming the Island during the Dharma 70's, WHAT THE HELL WERE AMY AND PAUL DOING HAVING A PICNIC OUT IN THE OPEN??!!!! I me…

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  • Acefrog

    Character Identification

    August 7, 2009 by Acefrog

    So I realized that John Locke and I have the same birthday, May 30th, other known as the official Memorial Day for fallen soldiers. This is cool because although Hurley is my favorite character, I fell I identify with Locke the most: I love camping having grown up in rural Michigan, I watch a lot of "Survivorman" and believe I have the skills that would help out alot in a Robinson Crusoe situation, I am often looked to as "the reluctant leader" by my friends and at various jobs i have held in the past, and I excelled in elementary and high school only to find myself feeling "lost" in the real world without really knowing where i fit in. my question is: what lost charcter do you most identify with and why? Sort of a way to get to know …

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  • Acefrog

    John and Kate plus Eight

    August 7, 2009 by Acefrog

    So there's a lot of talk about the next show to watch after our favorite serial ends, Flashforward being the top choice I believe. Well I've come up with an idea I think I should send in to ABC, kind of a spin-off like Joanie loves Chachi or A Different World, but based around the "alternate timeline" theory. Let me know how you think it will be received (this is just a joke BTW).


    John Locke is a meek man, moving from town to town searching for his purpose in life. He elieves he's special, maybe even a leader of men, but after a commune he is residing at is raided by DEA officials, he narrowly escapes, fleeing to Australia to avoid incarceration. While living down under he meets a young woman named Kate Austin who is also on the …

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  • Acefrog

    Daniel's Accent

    August 7, 2009 by Acefrog

    So this just occured to me while re watching S5...why does Danie talk with an American accent? His parent's are Eloise and Charles, right? I know he didn't meet Widmore until he was an adult but growing up with his mom he would have learned to speak as she did ( I tend to inflect and use phrases my father always does, I believe this is a learned behavior). I am also assuming Daniel grew up in England as if he was an American super child prodigy I would guess he wouldgo to Cal-tech or MIT to get his doctorate in physics. ANy thoughts?

    P.S. Way to go Dan for tagging Radsinsky in the motor pool shoot-out!

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