Last Friday morning very early, my wife and I drove from Atlanta to Savannah to attend an Army Ranger Memorial honoring not only our fallen Rangers, but honoring the men of the 1st / 75th Ranger Battalion. From the time we entered the base until our time to leave, the event management and employee scheduling was perfect. Our host even called us before we were on base to make sure we were all squared away and not absent.

As we pulled up to the security gate, all the security guards were professional, appropriately staffed for this event. There was no waiting in long lines to get through security. The security guard scheduler did their job very well to schedule the right number of guards.

As we walked up, I noticed the assembly and formation of all the soldiers was perfect. The team who scheduled the memorial event made sure every detail and timing was very coordinated. I could tell even all the civilian employees working on base had been properly scheduled. The whole base worked as a fine tuned machine. The collaboration between all showed.

This event was a very new experience for me, because my whole life the closest I had ever come to military personnel was attending the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Until last year, I had only been on three bases ever. As I watched this whole event come together, I was very moved and humbled as I watched some the most highly trained soldiers in the world and their families honor their fallen. You could feel the oneness, they are truly a very close nit "Band of Brothers!" I realized after the memorial, I had just attended one the most moving events in my life. There was not a dry eye towards the end of the memorial including mine. As the Colonial said with great emotion, "we sleep well tonight in our beds protected from men who want to harm our country due to the service and sacrifice of these soldiers who fight for our freedom." Wow, this is so true. He also stated that only half of one percent of the United States population serve in our armed services. My wife who grew up in a military family was very impressed and very moved as well.

Lunch was perfect, the employee scheduling must have been triple checked, because the service was perfect. The attitudes and the joy of the staff was impressive. They were just as nice as they could be.

After lunch, we attended a medals ceremony, where all the soldiers who earned a medal were honored, and how they earned the metal was described. There were two soldiers in wheel chairs, and they both were assisted in standing to receive their metals. I will never forget this sight nor my feelings of gratitude to these two individuals. One of the two also needed assistance to salute the General giving him his metal. He was so honored to receive his purple heart. This had to be one of the most emotional moments of the day for most attending the event. It certainly was for me.

As we drove back to Atlanta Friday night, I could not help but think about all our soldiers who serve our country with such pride and honor. The whole event re-enforced why we send the care packages all year round to Soldiers as they are deployed. "God Protect and Bless Our Troops!"

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