• Abraxas Lives

    The Cabin with the circle of ash surrounding it always seemed to me to be a prison of sorts, what if it was to be the prison for Esau?

    Here is my theory: The Captain of the Black Rock, comes to the island and does what Esau said they would do, he builds himself a cabin, someone sets fire to the cabin killing the Captain, Richard maybe? With the dead Captain in the cabin Jacob binds Esau to the cabin, hence the ring of ash, that is why he can take the guise of the Captain, who is the Man in the Cabin, along with other dead persons.

    Many years later, Locke has a drug enduced dream/vision of Horace chopping wood to build himself a cabin for him and the misses, a ploy by Esau to get Locke to come to the cabin here his plea, and thus become his p…

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  • Abraxas Lives

    I know how Darlton have said S6 will be like S1, I guess a more intimate feel with the characters, but that had me go back to the S1 boxset. After only being on the island for a while we get our first hint at the Smoke Monster.

    In hind sight I think that the Smoke Monster was not showing off to the new arivals, it was chasing someone down, or doing something else. I hope this ties back into S6 due to the nature of S5 when the time skips allowed for moments to overlap, Aaron's Birth, etc. It would add a layer on to S1 that would not be there.

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