• Aaronimo

    Subtitle: The Identity of Jacob?

    As I was studying for a final for a class called Egypt and the Bible, a sudden and ridiculous set of data spontaneously synthesized and I thought I'd share. The pieces of data fit together in a suggestive way, but the idea that the writers had in mind anything like what I'm about to share is patently outrageous. First, the data from Lost:

    1. Richard Alpert appears to be singularly long-lived
    2. He seems to answer to Jacob
    3. A large statue which appears to be of ancient (pre-Ptolomaic) Egypt once stood on the island
    4. The statue's provenance and identity are unknown to us at this point
    5. Hieroglyphics abound on the island

    And now, the controversial data which slammed together in my head for no apparent reason:

    1. Throughout the hi…
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