before i begin - my third blog post in two days, i'm on a roll!

anyway, i was thinking last night, before we knew the MIB was the smoke monster, there was a whole basket of info we were wondering about that seems to of disappeared now we know him as a person. i'm gonna create a list of things here that relate to what we knew about the monster before we knew him as the MIB, and what it could mean in terms of him being a person. feel free to add things as well!

  • the smoke monster was known to the others (or ben at least) as something that judges, how this would fit in with richard being aware that the monster is the MIB doesn't seem to make any sense.
  • it travels through vents in the ground.
  • it cannot go through DHARMA's fence, similarly to (what we now know) how it can't pass through ash circles, this is quite an odd one because the fence thing seems more scientific while the ash seems more spiritual.
  • it lives under the temple (but can't go in, wtf?)
  • it spreads the infection (this one seems to make more sense coupled with the MIB thing and sayid, rousseau, claire etc).
  • it killed the pilot - for what reason could that possibly be? especially if the MIB wanted to leave the island, why kill the pilot of all people?
  • carrying on from the judging thing, ben can somehow call the MIB through a puddle in his house.

any other things? and anyone slightly worried the idea of the monster has changed from season to season and a lot of these things will no longer make sense?

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