After Across the sea I like many of you was still LOST. Many questions answered, even more raised. I was left wondering Well how did their "Mother" get to the island? Why is it so bad that MiB leave the island? How did Jacob leave the island to find candidates? What is the light source? It all started with that last question. And i began to think how could you explain it. Explaining it would be like explaining the meaning of life. There is no answer. Its left for open intereptation. The light is everything and nothing. Its life, death and rebirth, and if you began to think about thats what the island has done all along. Given life, taken away life and given people secounds chances and healed them. Once I came to peace with that I realized the writers have given us an oppurtunity to fill in the holes our self. Who is their "Mother"? Did she replace someone as well. Well probably never know and thats what makes it great. Were left to finish the story of lost. I can accept that there is a light that is source for everything weve seen for the past six seasons. I dont need a scientific explanination for it. It wouldnt feel right. Maybe the wine Jacob drank that made him immortal was the water that goes in the source, like their mother said, we all have a little bit of it inside ourself, the difference is if we can accept that or want more. Kind of like the shows mysteries. There are those who can accept having a little light shed on the myseries and fill in the rest for thmeselves...and those who always want more. And like she said will never get it.

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