Throughtout the episode I had a lot of "OMG!" and "Kill him Jack!" and "NO!" and was shaking the whole time. I found myself reduced to tears when it was all over. It was so happy yet so sad at the same time and I cant even really explain the mix of emotions I had. Happiness, sadness, closure, depression, satisfaction and most of all a sense of Its over. I loved the ending. I dont think it could have been any better. They were all dead, but not really dead and for some reason in made perfect sense to me. The FST was where they all went afte they died. Even if you died like Jack during the show or years and years later like Hurley probably did you all were there at the same time. But they didnt remember their lives. They need to remember so they could move on. It amazed me. Some people were ready to move on and some like Ben werent ready quite yet. The only thing were left to know about the fate of the characters was that they all some point which of course would happen. ANd they remembered their lives they remembered them in their entirerty, including their deaths. So in a way the fans that have been saying they dont care about the FST characters, theyre the same characters we always knew. It gave us a chance to see characters who were serperated to be together. Al lot of people said the ending would have been better if there was no FST, but I cant disgaree more. Life and death is apart of the show. It made it so it was a happy and sad ending that way both sides win. Without we would never see the closure of Locke and Ben, and Charlie and Claire and Sawyer and Juliet and Jack and Kate and of course CHristian. No questions were answered about the island and its source but they didnt need to be it somehoe made sense for me when it was over. And it you really watch it it really dose all make sense. So how could you not like the end? Because the characters were resolved and thats really what its been about, not the island.

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