DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT SEEN EVERYBODY LOVES HUGO. I thought Everybody Loves Hugo was awsome better then Ab Aeterno and Happily Ever After. Got to see Libby with Hurley again, the whispers were FINALLY answered and I thought it was a great explanation also raised new question (which LOst always does when we get an answer). Plus we saw the boy from the subsitute and any thoughts on why he looked older? And the ending OMG OMG. Totally called Flocke throwing Desmond into the well. And then Desmond hitting Locke with his car in the FST OMG! And the moment Ive been waiting for all year Jack and Flocke seeing each other! Next weeks promo looked so good. Only negative thing was Illana dying. Why introdcue a character then kill her with an Artz type of death? Maybe they just didnt feel like explaning her backstory which sucks. But Bens comments on the island being done with her were interesting. Any other thoughts?

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