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March 9, 2010
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    anyone know?

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    Darlton did not submit "what they died for", and instead submitted "the end" to the academy.

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    Its almost like they tried to top the greatest Lost ep of alltime (S3f) with the Season six finale

    Season 3 finale: last few minutes reveal the nature of the flashscenes seen recently (flashforward) A

    kills off fan fav in a beautiful scene (charlie) A

    Season 6 finale: last minutes reveal the nature of the flashscenes seen all season long (afterlife) A+

    kills off fan fav in a beautiful scene (island jack + church everyone) A+

    only thing season3F offers to counter season6F is that it introduced the new , sick idea of,

    wanting and needing to come back to the island,

    after the first 2.9seasons were spent on the idea of

    wanting and needing to leave the island and be rescued.

    so , in conclusion, i have a dead heat between S3/6F for the greatest los…

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    was desmond dead like everyone else during the entire FST?

    or did he time-travel to the FST while he still was alive in OT?

    -him randomly appearing on the plane makes me think he was "time"traveling -but him being in the church at the end makes me think he was dead at that point -im half tempted to think he travelled to the fst bc he chose that over the ot -what about during happily ever after, was he jumping then?

    im confused can someone help straighten me out!

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    how sick is that,

    they give us the best sawyer nickname in the finale.

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