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    I just saw HH's post of one of his favorite scenes in Lost, with the video clip included. I thought it was such a great idea that I'm going to post my favorite scene.

    This is the last scene in the fourth episode of Season 1, "Walkabout". This scene is what got me hooked on Lost. The pilot episode got me interested - this scene got me hooked for life. It is, by far, the most emotionally charged scene I watched in this excellent series. Enjoy.

    The clip says more than I ever could. In this scene, we discover that Locke has been in a wheelchair during all of his flashbacks. The scene where Locke uses his legs for the first time on the island is, perhaps, the most touching in the series. Very beautiful music.

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    After the series finale aired, many users started a revival of the "they all died in the plane crash" theory, or some such similar theory - I won't list them all here.

    Most of these theories don't have specific evidence; theory-makers only seem to care that they fit with the facts, not that there's proof in the show for the theory. Critics of these theories will often point out that there doesn't appear to be any proof for the theories. Apologists point out that there doesn't appear to be any proof against their theory either. Critics can't seem to think of any proof that disproves the theory (or at least, proof that the theory-maker is satisfied with). Lots of arguing ensues. People get angry. It's the same thing every time.

    I would like to …

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