UK Lost from Channel 4 were a series of podcasts presented by Iain Lee and other guests including Geeky Tom for Season 2 of Lost

Locked away in a long deserted vault, Iain Lee and his legion of devout Lost obsessives brought you show summaries, the ultimate Lost theories, Lost links, Geek of the Week, the Lost Experience updates, and sneak previews of the next episode to be aired in the UK. It was succeeded (from Season 3 onwards) by the Lost Initiative.

Episode 7 - "The Other 48 Days"

  • Archive file: Episode 7 (requires login)
  • Runtime: 33:00
  • Guests: Nicky (from Hi-ReS!), Mark, Tom, Jeanine
  • Question: "Who is your favourite Lost Character?"
  • Theories: "Twisted Experiment" 7/10, "Bucky Ball" 0/10, "Nuclear Bomb" 5/10, "Redemption" 6/10

Episode 8 - "Collision"

  • Archive file: Episode 8 (requires login)
  • Runtime: 31:46
  • Guests: Tom, Jeanine, Kirsty
  • Question: "If you had to evict one character from the Island who would it be?"
  • Theories: "Reality TV" 5/10, "Guinea Pigs" 6/10, "End of the World" 6/10

Episode 9 - "What Kate Did"

  • Archive file: Episode 9 (requires login)
  • Runtime: 32:39
  • Guests: Tom, Jeanine, Sasha
  • Question: "If you could wish one flashback character onto the Island, who would you choose?"
  • Theories: "Garden of Eden" 5/10, "Subconscious" 3/10, "Never-Never Land" 0/10

Episode 10 - "The 23rd Psalm"

  • Archive file: Episode 10 (requires login)
  • Runtime: 32:10
  • Guests: Jeanine, Nicky, Tom
  • Question: "If the characters turned on each other and had a massive fight who would come out the winner?"
  • Theories: "Cloning" 7/10, "Philadelphia Experiment" 9/10, "Oxygen Mask" 1/10

Episode 11 - "The Hunting Party"

  • Archive file: Episode 11 (requires login)
  • Runtime: 32:29
  • Guests: Jeanine, Nicky, Paul
  • Question: "If you were in charge of picking one leader for the survivors who would it be?"
  • Theories: "Gamma Rays" 4/10, "It's a Small World" 6/10, "Gold Car" 9/10

Episode 12 - "Fire + Water"

Episode 13 - "The Long Con"

Episode 14 - "One of Them"

  • Archive file: Episode 14
  • Runtime: 37:29
  • Guests: Nicky, Paul, Ned
  • Question: "Out of all the survivors, who would you imagine to be an Other?"
  • Theories: "Messiah" 7/10, "Long Con" 2/10, "The Hanso Foundation is Everything" 6/10
  • Featuring an interview with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Episode 15 - "Maternity Leave"

  • Archive file: Episode 15
  • Runtime: 43:11
  • Guests: Nicky, Paul, Sam
  • Question: "Who are the best and the worst Lost characters?"
  • Theories: "Two Poles" 7/10, "Hanso" 8/10, "Sub-Human" 5/10
  • Featuring an interview with Jorge Garcia.

Episode 16 - "The Whole Truth"

  • Archive file: Episode 16
  • Runtime: 38:50
  • Guests: Aiden, Nicky, Paul
  • Question: "Which characters would you like to see come together and have a storyline together?"
  • Theories: "Apollo" 5/10, "Consciousness" 2/10, "Magnetic Brain" 6/10
  • Featuring an interview with Daniel Dae Kim.

Episode 17 - "Lockdown"

  • Archive file: Episode 17
  • Runtime: 46:29
  • Guests: Nicky, Paul, Jeanine
  • Theories: "Electromagnetic Defense System/Doomsday Device" 6/10, "Hanso World Peace" 6/10, "5-Page Lost Theory Version 1 by Knotty Tin" 9/10
  • Extended Lockdown Special.

Episode 18 - "Dave"

  • Archive file: Episode 18
  • Runtime: 38:30
  • Guests: Paul, Nutty Tim
  • Question: "If the Hatch were to have a secret room, what would you put in it?"
  • Theories: "Journey to the Center of the Earth" 2/10, "Time Travel" 2/10

Episode 19 - "S.O.S."

  • Archive file: Episode 19
  • Runtime: 41:00
  • Guests: Tom, Paul, Nicky
  • Question: "What's your most controversial theory?"
  • Theories: "Edward Leedskalnin" 4/10, "Oz" 1/10, "Paradise" 10/10

Episode 20 - "Two for the Road"

  • Archive file: Episode 20
  • Runtime: 36:48
  • Guests: Tom, Paul, Lorcan
  • Question: "Which unanswered question frustrates you the most?"
  • Theories: "Implanting Memories" 4/10, "Rubbish Tip" 4/10, "Retreat" 7/10

Episode 21 - "?"

  • Archive file: Episode 21
  • Runtime: 37:50
  • Guests: Nicky, Paul, Tom
  • Question "What is your prediction for the finale?"
  • Theories: "Good People" 8/10, "Rehab" 4/10, "Infertility" 9/10
  • Is the first podcast to feature a remix of the Lost theme tune, also available on Youtube.

Episode 22 - "Three Minutes"

  • Archive file: Episode 22
  • Runtime: 32:07
  • Guests: Sasha, Joe, Paul
  • Question: "What is your own theory about the crashing of the plane?"
  • Theories: "Atlantis" 7/10, "Magnetic Resonance Imaging" 1/10

Episode 23 & 24 - "Live Together, Die Alone"

  • Archive file: Episode 23 & 24
  • Runtime: 01:01:24
  • Guests: Nicky, Tom, Jeanine, Paul, Sasha, Joe, Andy
  • Question: "What is your reaction to the finale?"
  • Is littered with suspicious messages from a man through interference:

"You are able to receive this message through advanced data encoding. [by/from] The Hanso Foundation. [?] ...avoid will receive this message...there is great danger...time is limited...transmissio- ...You are able to receive this message through advanced data encoding. This audio data is being monitored by the Hanso Foundation. [leave?] this audio feed. Stop Hanso. A transmission is being prepared. [?] great danger. We have reason to believe that Rachel Blake may have been compromised. Potential that our transmission is being broadcast. Only then can we stop Hanso. There may be attempts to corrupt the feed with a digital sickness. Transmission... You are able to receive this message through advanced data encoding. By now the Hanso Foundation may have scrambled my voice. The transmission of highly important information...locating a great danger in the field...will begin shortly. It is imperative that the following information is disseminated to the widest possible audience. There is great danger. It is all real. Everything is real. The work that Rachel Blake has achieved has been astounding. That is ..[?].. that she has not been compromised. Together we can stop Hanso. Transmission begins."

[The audio of the Sri Lanka Video follows.]

  • Extended Finale special.

Episode 25 - Season Two Recap Episode

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