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Best characters on LOST and why! :)

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    SAWYER!!! <3.<3 Do I even need to state why? At first, he was known as the know-it-all asshole jerk but as the series moves forward, you can see his chaacter slowly develop into a strong leader who was hurt in the past and is afraid of it happening Ilovebaggu
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    ~Charlie~ From the begining, he's lovestruch for Claire. In the series, you see that he's a MAJOR druggie but with the help of Locke, quits his habit. He sacrificed his life for Claire and Aaron MULTIPLE times and he loved them both Ilovebaggu
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    Locke O.O!! I LOVE him so so so so so so much. From the begining, his attitude about his Destiny and everyone elses, set a mood of importance to the show. Yes, at times he was crazy but it was all for his love of the island and all it's survivors. I think that he impacted EVERY SINGLE character on the Ilovebaggu
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    *JIN* Not only is Jin the sexiest Asian I have ever seen, his love for Sun makes my heart melt. After Sun admitted that she cheated on him, he FORGAVE her. His whole excistence depnded on pleasing his wife. The fact that he's a fishemans son and worked SO HARD to win her hand makes ME wish that I had a love like Ilovebaggu
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    ^DESMOND^ When you think Desmond, you think of either "brother" or "penny". You read that in his voice, didn't you? He isa MAJOR plot twist-er and his detemination to save Charlie, although a failure, was Ilovebaggu

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