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The Tail Section
Type of website
Forums, news, blog
Date Launched
Date Ended
Active was a fansite featuring a blog, entertainment news, forums, spoilers, gallery and links. It was also associated with ThEmIsFiTiShErE and followed The Lost Experience.

It is believed that the persistent rumor about Natasha Henstridge joining the cast in Lost Season 3 began from a newspaper clipping posted to this site, but was later debunked as being false.

Until November 2, 2007, the administrator of was creator and former owner "DocArzt",[1] the online handle of Internet journalist Jon Lachonis. As of January 2008, Lachonis is now one of the writers for the Underground Online (UGO) television blog [2], and also operates a personal Lost blog at After Lachonis' departure, took a good deal of flack in its comments sections and lost many of its readers over the infrequent posting, and quality, of new content the site offered under the current management.

In January 2009, TheTailSection, under the management of BuddyTV, removed the credit for all the hundreds of articles Doc Arzt had written for the site, replacing his bylines with other people's names, and offering no explanation for such unethical actions, which would amount to plagiarism. Doc, upon finding out about the deletion of his bylines, blogged about it here: As a result, many follow-up commentors indicated their intention to stop visiting TheTailSection.

On Feb. 1, 2009, Doc Arzt publicly announced his intention to pursue legal matters regarding TheTailSection's plagiarism of his work, at the following blog entry:

As of July 2009, updates to TheTailSection ceased. TTS is now a dead site. Prior to this development, it had ceased garnering any followup comments to any of its posts, indicating a total loss of its once-burgeoning readership.

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