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The outrigger chase was a shootout between two groups, one of those made up of the survivors and the freighter team. A time flash cut the battle short, and neither group learned the others' identity. ("The Little Prince")


5x04 CampNoMore
The survivors find their abandoned beach camp.

After a time shift, Sawyer's group found themselves in daylight and made their way to the beach. They found that the camp existed at that moment, but seemed disheveled, with a number of the structures in disrepair and all the supplies either stolen or consumed. The group boarded a canoe they found at the beach and began in the water, planning to row closer to the Orchid station.

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According to supplementary material in the final DVD compilation, six men from the Black Rock were also in the water, having traveled through time after leaving their main ship. Around December 15th, 1867, the Black Rock had become stuck inside the pull of the Island unable to escape. The crew of the ship began showing symptoms of time flashes.


Juliet on the outrigger. ("The Little Prince")

The two groups noticed each other, and those in the aft outrigger opened fire.

Sawyer's group paddled harder to escape, then Juliet returned fire with a rifle, apparently hitting one of the pursuers. Before the battle escalated any further, another time shift occurred.


Sawyer's group found themselves in the middle of a storm, but they successfully made it back to shore. None ever saw their attackers again. One member of the party, Miles, was later present during the Black Rock's final destruction in a dynamite explosion. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

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Juliet's gunshot did not kill her target, but all but one of the sailors later jumped out of the canoe to their deaths, evidently suffering from the same "cabin fever" that plagued the Kahana's crew. The sole survivor returned to the main ship. No further parties entered the water. A few days later, however, a storm began, sending the main ship crashing on to the Island. The entire crew died there. ("Ab Aeterno")

Creator commentary

Black Rock Journal 2
Reverse side.
Black Rock Journal 1
Black Rock Journal Entry.

The producers originally planned to "close the loop" by revisiting the outrigger chase in Season 6.[1] Incorporating the scene proved logistically challenging - according to Damon Lindelof, half the characters they'd originally envisioned as the attackers "had been killed off". Returning to the old mystery also interfered with the season's flow, said Lindelof, diverting attention from subjects that mattered to the characters. Several scenes involving outriggers appeared nonetheless. Lindelof acknowledged that fans seeking answers could interpret the scenes as "taunting". He later joked on Twitter that Oprah was in the outrigger.[2]

Jorge Garcia claimed that a script revealed the attackers' identities, but the scene had never been filmed. He announced his intention to find the old script after moving back to Los Angeles. [3]

At one point, the mysterious second group was implied, in a semi-canonical source, to be crewmen of the Black Rock.

The attackers' identity remains a mystery. Damon Lindelof, more than a year after the series finale, said "The outrigger box will stay unchecked".[4]

In 2014, at the 10th anniversary PaleyFest panel, Damon and Carlton were once again asked the question about the attackers' identity. Damon stated that they felt it would be "cooler" to leave it unanswered, but confirmed that the episode script contained the answer. They also hinted that perhaps one day the script would be auctioned off for charity, but until then the identity of those in the outrigger will remain a mystery. [5]

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Outrigger chase/Theories
  • Who was in the other outrigger?


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