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This article is a record of the hieroglyphs and other symbols associated with the Temple. For any use other than transcription, see Hieroglyphs.

In the chamber underneath the Temple, Ben found numerous surfaces covered in symbols comprising hieroglyphs and possibly some alchemic symbols. Many portions of these hieroglyphs were written in a cursive form, and so differ from the traditional forms (as shown below).

To simplify discussion, when it is necissary to refer to a specific pillar or face, each pillar and face has been given a unique code, as identified in the diagram to at the right. For example, to an observer facing the mural, a the pillar on the right side, closer to the mural, would be pilar "2", and the side of that pillar facing the mural would be face "2A".

The following tables summarize the symbols associated with this chamber of the Temple. Other than the hieroglyphs on the mural, there are three series of hieroglyphs that are shown on the pillars.

The mural

The hieroglyphs on the mural are written from right to left, as a consequence, each of the glyphs in the table below are facing the opposite direction they are shown on the actual mural. A red background below indicates that the glyph is inverted.

<hiero></hiero>? Unidentified <hiero>Z11</hiero> Z11 <hiero>M1</hiero> M1 <hiero>D58-I10:-V28</hiero> D58&I10-V28 <hiero>Q7</hiero> Q7 <hiero>Z11</hiero> Z11
<hiero>Z1-N5</hiero> Z1-N5 <hiero>Aa15</hiero> Aa15 <hiero>Aa1*X1:D36</hiero> Aa1*X1:D36 <hiero>M19</hiero> Simplified cursive variant of M19 [1] <hiero>O4</hiero> O4 <hiero>Z4:D40</hiero> Z4:D40
<hiero>N23</hiero> N23 <hiero>M17-T47-N33</hiero> M17-T47-N33 <hiero>D58-D59</hiero> D58-D59 SkullIcon<hiero>V11</hiero> Skull [2]-V11 <hiero>D9</hiero> D9 <hiero>U5</hiero> U5
<hiero>D9</hiero> D9 <hiero>Q7</hiero> Q7
<hiero>N5</hiero> N5 ?-<hiero>D4</hiero> ?-D4 <hiero></hiero>? Unidentified
<hiero>O40</hiero> O40 <hiero>I14</hiero> I14 <hiero>I114</hiero> I114
<hiero>D10</hiero> D10

The pillars


A spliced together image of the top of face 4B


Hieroglyphs of face 3D, also visible is a portion of face 4A


A portion of column 4A, spliced together


Spliced together image of face 2D


A pillar from the Tunnels that contains the same series as those in the Cerberus chamber ("Follow the Leader")


A spliced together column from Jughead's chamber in the Tunnels


A column from Jughead's chamber in the Tunnels


Another view of the pillars, showing the second half of the three series

The pillars superficially appear to have dozens of different series of hieroglyphs. However, there are, in fact, only three series of hieroglyphs. Each face on the pillars shows a portion of each series. The hieroglyphs in the left column of a face contains portions of a series here referred to as the "left" series. The hieroglyphs in the center column of a face contains portions of a series referred to as the "center" series. Likewise, the right column of any pillar face contains hieroglyphs from the "right" series.

All the columns

A red background indicates that the glyph is inverted on the pillar.

Row Left Column Code Center Column Code Right Column Code
1 <hiero>R11</hiero> R11 <hiero>A1</hiero> A1 <hiero>O49</hiero> O49
2 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown,or alchemic symbol for mineral salt <hiero>Z11</hiero> Z11 <hiero>M1</hiero> M1 or inverted W22/24
3 <hiero>Z1-N5</hiero> Z1-N5 <hiero>Aa15</hiero> Aa15 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown
4 <hiero>Z4</hiero> Z4 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>D58-R15</hiero> D58-R15
5 <hiero>N23</hiero> N23 <hiero>M17-T47-N33</hiero> M17-T47-N33 <hiero>N35</hiero> N35
6 <hiero>V30-F31</hiero> V30-F31 <hiero>D58-R15</hiero> D58-R15 <hiero>N5</hiero> N5
7 <hiero>Z2</hiero> Z2 <hiero>Z4</hiero> Z4 <hiero>O40</hiero> O40
8 <hiero>D58-I10:-V28</hiero> D58&I10-V28 <hiero>Q7</hiero> Q7 <hiero>Z11</hiero> Z11
9 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>O4</hiero> O4 <hiero>Z4:D40</hiero> Z4:D40
10 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>D9</hiero> D9 <hiero>U5</hiero> U5
11 <hiero>N35:S36:Z1*X1</hiero> N35:S36:Z1*X1 [3] <hiero>Aa15</hiero>:? Aa15:? <hiero>T14*N5:N35</hiero> T14*N5:N35
12 <hiero>A1</hiero> A1 <hiero>Aa1</hiero> Aa1 <hiero>Y1</hiero> Y1
13 <hiero>U2</hiero> U2 <hiero>Aa15</hiero> Aa15 <hiero>N27</hiero> N27
14 <hiero>D4</hiero> D4 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>D54</hiero> D54
15 <hiero>G1</hiero> G1 <hiero>O49</hiero> O49 <hiero>W15</hiero>-? W15-?
16 <hiero>F35-R8</hiero> F35-R8 <hiero>O1:D4</hiero> O1:D4 <hiero>Y1:N35</hiero> Y1:N35
17 <hiero>G17</hiero> G17 <hiero>D54</hiero> D54 <hiero>A54</hiero> A54
18 <hiero>W24:N35:N35:N35</hiero> W24b <hiero>N29:G35</hiero> G35&N29 <hiero>D52:V10</hiero> D52-V10
19 ?:<hiero>V9</hiero> ?:V9 <hiero>D54</hiero> D54 <hiero>N35:D21</hiero> N35:D21
20 <hiero>W29</hiero> W29 <hiero>D24</hiero> D24 <hiero>D9</hiero> D9
21 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>F31</hiero> F31 <hiero>A1</hiero> A1
22 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero></hiero>? Unknown
23 <hiero>D44</hiero> D44 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>G17</hiero> G17
24 ?:<hiero>F22</hiero> ?:F22 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>M17-N5:N5</hiero> M17-N5:N5
25 <hiero>N35</hiero> N35 <hiero>S15</hiero> S15 <hiero>D21</hiero> D21
26 <hiero>D2</hiero>-? D2-? <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero>O4</hiero> O4
27 <hiero>A1-B1</hiero> A1-B1 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero></hiero>? Unknown
28 <hiero>Z2</hiero> Z2 <hiero></hiero>? Unknown <hiero></hiero>? Unknown

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