"The Swinging Bendulum"
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Swinging Bendulum" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack. It plays at the end of "The Lie".

Scene description

Hurley finds that Ben has snuck into his house. Ben says he's here to take him to Jack and Sayid so they can all return to the Island, where he'll no longer have to lie. Hurley refuses, and runs outside, giving him up to the waiting police.

In 1954, young Charles Widmore is about to cut off Juliet's hand, and threatens to cut off the other next. Locke then throws a knife into one of the Others and takes control of the situation.

Back in 2007, a woman writes on a chalkboard and enters data into an old computer. A large pendulum swings across the room. She climbs stairs into a church. Ben enters, and she tells him he has only 72 hours to take everyone back to the Island. If he fails, "God help us all."


The piece's first movement contains a variation on Hurley's second theme. The second begins with the 1954 Others' motif, and ends with Locke's motif. The third contains Eloise's theme and the mystery theme.

Title significance

The title contains a portmanteau of "Ben" and "Pendulum". In the scene, a pendulum swings across a map of the world.

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