"The Science of Faith"
5x06-The Science Of Faith
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Science of Faith" is an orchestral piece on the season 5 soundtrack. Its motif characterizes Jack's conversion to a man of faith.

Main appearance

Jack asks about the note that Eloise handed him and learns, for the first time, that Locke killed himself. Eloise only vaguely references the motive of suicide, and quickly suggests to Jack the death's current "purpose" - it will allow Jack to use him as a proxy for his own father in recreating Oceanic 815's conditions. She dismisses his skepticism and challenges him to take a "leap of faith."

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The piece begins with Locke's first theme and quickly moves to his second theme. Its main motif follows.


Variations on the motif appear in "Flying High", "Through the Window", "Follow the Leader" and "More Locke Than Locke". This theme inspires the destiny motif.

Title significance

The title references the theme of Science vs. faith.

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