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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Persephone's dirt on Thompson.

Peter Thompson's picture has flashing letters behind it.

  • The letters spell out "survivor guilt"
  • If you enter it into the hidden text box below his picture, you get another message from Persephone. She reveals three documents with information she has found out about Thompson:
    • Williamsburg Tobacco
      • 1994 Defended the Williamsburg Tobacco Company against a class action suit on behalf of cancer victims; set a new precedent for corporate vindictiveness by countersuing and driving over 40 plaintiffs into bankruptcy!
    • Globoco Oil
      • 1998 Defended Globoco oil ... and successfully made the world safe for chemical polluters and dumpers of carcinogenic industrial waste in the Florida panhandle -- the incidence of cancer in the affected areas has grown by 75%!
    • Client's name: NUCLEAR
      • 2001 Was in the process of making sure the citizens of Southern Georgia got their glow-on by bullyragging the local courts into ignoring widespread protests against a nuclear power plant when he was struck by cancer -- looks like Alvar Hanso saved the wrong guy!
  • At the end of each of her three messages, there are underlined words which will, when clicked, lead to a related image (nuclear disaster, tobacco field, poisoned glade).
    • The pictures have a half-visible image of a person in a lab coat (who seems to be missing their left arm), one has mysterious faces visible, another has a flash of a document image, and the words "don't believe his lies" flash quickly in another one.
  • After viewing each document's following image, the page is 'scribbled out' (and cannot be reaccessed without repeating the entire process of accessing the message)
  • After the final sequence (in any order), a final message declares "I work for criminals, always have, always will".

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