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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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On This Day..

A URL was found hidden in the source code of The URL directed players to The DJ Dan site appeared to be the website for a radio station DJ that specialized in conspiracy theories. Each month appears to have a new topic to focus on, and the topic in May was Alvar Hanso. Along with this new site, a podcast dated May 16 was also released. Click here to listen. Also on this day, part four of the Gary Troup interview was released at To watch this, see below, or click here. Lastly, Persephone left a short message on See below for more information.

DJ Dan Site and Podcast

To listen to the podcast released on this day, click here
To view the DJ Dan site found on this day, click here

The DJ Dan site appeared to be the website for a radio station DJ that specialized in conspiracy theories. The topic of May was Alvar Hanso, and the 16 May podcast talked about Alvar at length. DJ Dan called Hanso a "Weapons Dealer" turned "Mad Scientist". According to an "inside Hanso Foundation source" of Dan's, Alvar is currently cryogentically frozen in a lab outside Phoenix. Also some of the images on the front page of the DJ site are key to The Lost Experience, such as Joop.

Gary Troup Interview (Part Four)

To see the first three parts of this interview, click here

Part four of nine of the Gary Troup interview with Laird Granger.

Persephone's Message

The site displayed the short message 115 116 97 110 100 98 121, which, when translated with ASCII, read "standby".

The Day in Summary

  • Part four of the interview with Gary Troup was posted at

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