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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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On This Day..

The CalTech document found the previous day had been altered. Both of the messages about Gary Troup were changed to red hash-out, and the text was no longer readable through the boxes.

Also, websites about Gary Troup's book Bad Twin began emerging, see below for a list of the sites. On one of the sites, a "Note from the publisher" (Hyperion Books) was made available.

Hyperion Books Statement

We have received many calls and e-mails asking about the recent advertising campaign done by the 
Hanso Foundation about our recent publication of BAD TWIN. While we can't respond to you 
individually on this matter, please know that this issue is of great concern to us, and we are 
investigating what actions we should or shouldn't take in relation to this complaint. Meanwhile, 
thank you for your attention and consideration.

Bad Twin Websites

Three sites about Gary Troup and his book Bad Twin were found today:

The Day in Summary

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