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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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DJ Dan podcast

  • A new DJ Dan podcast is available.
    • From the DJ Dan website, the 6/08 link takes you here: [1] .
    • Clicking the link at the bottom of the page, takes you to [2].
    • Again clicking the link at the bottom of the page takes you here: [3], providing this podcast: [4]
  • Monster gives this description of the podcast:
In this podcast, conspiracy-theorist DJ Dan describes the societal and environmental effects of genetic engineering, specifically examining The Hanso Foundation. The mega science corporations want us to believe that genetic engineering is all part of nature's master plan, and that they're bringing us a better future. But does shuffling around our DNA to make our unborn children have blue eyes instead of brown really mean a better future? DJ Dan argues these companies must realize there are consequences to their actions.
  • Dan also speaks of naming a successor after receiving a threatening phone call.
  • Voice of man at the end similar to that of Peter Thompson from earlier phone recordings.
  • The "ConspiraSpy of the Month" page on DJ Dan here:[5] has changed slightly, clicking on the top picture of the Dharma Shark now also links to the monster podcast [6].


Information about several pre-existing sites mentioned in the Retrievers of Truth discussion forum is not considered "news" or "clues", but is being collected here:

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