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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Institute for Genomic Advancement

Go to the Active Projects on the Hanso site, and click on Institute for Genomic Advancement. Until 11am, PST on June 7th, the word disease was underlined, and clicking on it took you to a countdown timer. When the timer ran down to near zero, the new shark flash video was temporarily directly accessible to players who had the old version of the page in their browser cache. It is no longer possible to access the clue this way, you must properly solve the puzzle below!

Hidden text entry box

There is now a hidden text entry box just below the "Educational Outreach experiments at the Institute for Genomic Advancement" picture, on the right side of it.

Hidden words

Scroll your mouse over various areas of the 2 pictures of cells at the top right of the "IGA" page. There are three small, specific spots which reveal these words over the picture of the lungs beneath: Retrievers, of, Truth. This is a clue to the Retrievers of Truth" website(and an official confirmation that the site is in game).

Retrievers of Truth

Solving the "porter" puzzle at ROT leads to the Verizon employees' message board, which holds the clues that lead to discovering the password for this page: parthenogenesis (which is a form of asexual reproduction similar to cloning, common to some arthropods such as aphids). See Parthenogenesis

Dharma Shark flash

Entering the password in the hidden text entry box brings up a new flash video showing a jungle with a figure. The video has 4 still image frames:

  • Click on the figure and you will be taken further in.
  • Now click in the light and a beach setting will be shown.
  • Furthermore, click on the shark and it will show a close-up of its belly with a Dharma logo stamped into it.
    • After a few seconds, a small fly will land on the wound!
    • It will rotate or move around periodically. It will eventually fly away again.
  • Click the Dharma logo and you are returned to the Hanso site.

  • The logo, which is similar to The Swan logo, is slightly different, and could represent an unknown logo.

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