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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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DJ Dan podcast

A new DJ Dan Podcast came out today; Find the new podcast on from a link on He talks about


Speaker Announces through Google Talk that he has MySpace Page.

  • The picture index shows coarsely-made computer art of his epic battle with the LOST Ninja, as well as a picture of him and Rachel Blake, both wearing sunglasses.

Rachel Blake Post 006

Rachel Blake has a new blog post that points to for a new video. There, you can now click on 216, or 252 degrees in addition to the old 108 degrees, which will prompt you for a user ID and password for the "admin" directory. On the parchment that is revealed when the numbers are hovered on, there is now WTK written in the lower left, as well as a image of what appears to be a person.

The user ID is "WTK" and the password is "themouthpiece". Rachel Blake bloggers speculate the video was made by the blogger user "mel0drama"

The new Rachel Blake video can be found at by going through "in back", "removable flashlight" and then selecting "View demo". The audio at the beginning of the video, when played backwards, says "Mittelwerk" [1].

Retrievers of Truth

New posts in "If you don't get it, you don't get it." thread indicate that iobiSeeingYou and DSLerator have decided to hide new hints to clues in

iobiSeeingYou - 4:21pm - For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.
BroadBandBeatnik - 4:24pm - So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.
DSLerator - 4:26pm - Got it?
Fiberoptician - 4:28pm - Oh yeah. Makes perfect sense to me.
iobiSeeingYou - 4:30pm - Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret.

The first word in the first song in Caberet is "Wilkommen"

  • German for "Welcome"
  • "Welcome" is on the site under "Welcome to the World of Verizon Broadband"


Index of /usr/trash has a new file -


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