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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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DJ Dan

  • The new DJ Dan podcast is up.
  • Talks about the definition of a meaningful life, citing a list of important people who "lived unnaturally short lives." These include Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Gehrig, Jesus of Nazareth, and Mama Cass.
    • Tonya's meaningful life includes meeting the entire cast of Gunsmoke; she is obsessed with TV westerns.
  • Caller, Chris from Kansas City, calls about a life extension class he is taking through a "local company" Flower of Life Enterprises, DJ Dan claims this is THF.
    • Is SHUTDOWN for not knowing what THF is.
  • Claims that THF is singing a lullaby and that the fight is going out of the world.
  • DJ Dan theorizes that Alvar Hanso is in fact Joop, the 105 year old orangutan.
    • Also fears for the caller, Chris from Kansas City, that he will soon be another monkey man.

Rachel Blake Post 003

  • Post Re-Caps yesterday's post, then focuses on Hugh McIntyre's Infidelity
    • Calls Hugh a smart tactician because this woman is part of the Global Welfare Consortium
    • Includes multiple pictures indicating his infidelity.
      • Including one from his wedding in comparison to a candid photo.
      • Another link shows what appears to be yet another woman, labeled London_Capture 5/17/2006, with reciepts. These are the photos and receipts of the Hugh McIntyre hack, from The Hanso, yet another pointer that Blake and Persephone are one and the same
  • Text Transcript is here: Rachel Blake Post 003
  • Update shows someone upset with Blake for publishing the pictures of McIntyre and his alleged mistress:
22.20: Well, well, well.  Looks like my Hugh photos touched a nerve.  Check out this
back-and-forth I had with a rather prickly user named GidgetGirl:

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I'm all for airing the truth, but you've crossed a line. What these
guys do in private is their business. You could destroy a family, here.

Me: Like I said, what Hugh does personally, I don't really care... I'm just asking what
kind of power is he wielding by sleeping with this woman from the GWC?

GidgetGirl: So you don't care if you wreck his marriage?

Me: Frankly, if you want to go there, he said good-bye to his marriage the second he
decided to have that affair.

GidgetGirl: For someone claiming not to take the moral high ground, you're certainly
carrying around an awful lot of venom for this guy. You got something against men, Rachel?

Me: Only his type.

GidgetGirl: If you had any decency, you'd take those photos down.

Me: The way I see it... he's the head of publicity? Well, then let's make it public.
The pictures stay.

GidgetGirl: Who are you? What do you have against these people?

Me: Who are you?

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