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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Retrievers of Truth

A new thread has been posted in the Retrievers of Truth forum. The thread states that DJ Dan has gotten in contact with one of the employees of verizon, and that he approves of what they are doing. He also lets them post his new podcast, located here.

DJ Dan

DJ Dan's new podcast is out, link can be found in the newest thread in the Retrievers of Truth forum. See transcript.

  • Discoveries:
    • The Hanso Foundation was forcefully ejected from the Congo in 1992.
    • The offshore research facility located in East Asia was looked for by DJ Dan's conspiraspies. They could not find the facility, but they saw a "skinny little line sticking way up in the sky".
    • The Hanso Foundation is involved in mind control.
      • One caller claims that he is under mind control, but is free from it when he turns on his toaster.
    • A caller calls in and informs DJ Dan's viewers about Nanotechnology.
      • DJ amazingly did not know what Nanotechnology was.
      • The description of nanotechnology is quite similar to The Monster.

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