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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This is a summary of clues for June 2006.

Hyperlinked subheaders link to more detailed information for each day's clue, if available.

June 2006

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1 June

  • The 1 June podcast link on the DJ Dan website is updated, linking back to with new information about 'owelles' and 2007 Jeep Compass.
  • Hanso's Worldwide Wellness and Prevention introduced a login box where the word 'miracle' is located on the press release subsection. A new message from Persephone was revealed, discussing Hanso's part in illegal organ harvesting, and refuting Hanso's claims of altruistic motives for opening free hospitals in third world areas.

5 June

  • Persephone website was updated with a source code message stating 'standby'.

6 June

  • A 'standby' message with a timer was revealed on the Institute for Genomic Advancement section of The timer was set to count down to 13:00 PDT on June 7th.
  • The user directory for "owelles" at substituted "DJDan6-01-Pod", an audio only version of the previously available "".
  • A new website was revealed through a television commercial, Retrievers of Truth (link) which connects to an anti-Hanso discussion forum when a password is entered in the subscribe to newsletter field. This new site is Speaker approved.

7 June

  • On the Institute for Genomic Advancement (Hanso site), the timer has counted down, and shows a flash video depicting a jungle with a figure that leads to a light, then a beach setting, then a shark with the DHARMA logo stamped on its belly. (Clicking the DHARMA logo returns to the Hanso site.)
  • The lung picture has "Retrievers of Truth" hidden in it.

8 June

A new djdan podcast is available where DJ Dan describes the societal and environmental effects of genetic engineering, specifically examining The Hanso Foundation. Dan also speaks of naming a successor after receiving a threatening phone call. The next podcast is set for 6/12.

12 June

A new image, u8egnce86.gif, has appeared at Persephone's website was updated with a code that translated to: +1 timeless together.

Mental Health Appeal puzzle revealed..

DHARMA meaning uncovered?

13 June

DJ Dan site new link

ERI Update

New Message found

14 June

update to Retrievers of Truth forum.

Link to DJ Dan new Podcast

16 June

Persephone's page updated

LEP Hack

Site in Shutdown

19 June

Rachel Blake's site is up, secret blog revealed.

20 June

New Rachel Video posted

History of the Black Rock revealed

21 June

New DJ Dan Podcast

Rachel Blake has a new post on her blog talking about Hugh McIntyre's infidelity.

22 June

New Rachel Blake blog post.

The Speaker has new post as well. updated with a conversation log

23 June

Another Rachel Blake Post.

Speaker posts again.

New ROT thread.

26 June

New DJ Dan Podcast.

6th Rachel Blake post.

27 June

7th Rachel Blake post.

The Speaker and The Lost Ninja 'join forces'.

28 June

New Rachel Blake post, as well as a new video.

29 June

New Rachel Blake post

Retreivers of truth thread.

30 June

Rachel Blake Post/ conversation with GGirl

DJDan podcast

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