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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Rachel Blake's Italy Post 04

Stop Hanso

Last night, Mittelwerk's car headed for the airport. I followed, praying I could come across some flight information before he jetted away.

But he wasn't in the car.

By the time I realized it was the other members of The Hanso Foundation party, it was too late.

So, I headed back toward the water. Figured a walk on the wharf would clear my head.

It did a lot more than that:

Boat called Helgus Antonius

Boat called Helgus Antonius

Three men talking on the boat

A Hanso foundation crate being loaded onto the boat

Helgus Antonius boat drifting away

Helgus Antonius. What does that mean?

What the hell is in those crates? Is this all part of the SPIDER PROTOCOL?

And, if so... was I wrong about the island near the equator? Is this place in the Mediterranean? Somewhere else? Where is Mittelwerk going???

I want to scream.

I've given up way too much of my life for it to end like this. Please don't let it end like this.

I need to know where he's heading if I'm gonna stop him!


Theories and observations

  • The Helgus Antonius is the "special boat" commissioned by THF from Korea.
  • The ship is headed for the LOST Island.
  • Antonius was the family name of a very important plebeian families of ancient Rome, who descended from one of the sons of Hercules. Along with numerous prestigious generals and politicians, the most notable person to come from this important family was Mark Antony, friend of Julius Caesar and lover of Cleopatra.
  • The Helgus Antonius has the same initial (although backwards) of Alvar Hanso.
  • Anagram is not solved, but Helgus Antonius contains the letters H, A, N, S, and O. Possible "Hanso Glue Units"
  • The Lettering painted on the boat is written "HELGUS ANTONiUS" therefore the (i) may be referring to an exclamation mark upside down.
  • In the second image, the second crate from the top right appears to have a logo very similar to the Dharma Initiative logo.

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