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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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HansoExposed glyphs



  • Code: 18
  • Date Found: July 29
  • Location: Official US Lost magazine
  • Description: Mr. Beardy narrating with images of an island.
  • Transcript: "In a few weeks, after your induction counseling and survival training, you and your colleagues will be shipped to a top secret faci..."



  • Code: 19
  • Date Found: July 29
  • Location: In the UK Official Lost Magazine
  • Description: Mr. Beardy talking
  • Transcript: "His results are chilling, and attention must be paid."

Note: Codes 18 and 19 were found on July 29, but enabled today



  • Code: 20
  • Date Found: July 31
  • Location: The Other Girl has this clue: "Go to the SlashMusic site for new favourite bands and look under 'R'. Seems Rach is branching out into a new career."
  • Description: Mr. Beardy talking.
  • Transcript: Although the equation has been buried by those who commissioned it...



  • Code: 21
  • Date Found: July 31
  • Location: In The Official Lost Podcast. In the middle of an extract from Comic Con, there is an interruption hack, during which a male and female voice give the code quickly before running. The interview audio then resumes. Podcast time index: 28 mins.
  • Description: Flash of a picture of an island, then Mr. Beardy walking & talking
  • Transcript: "Why all the security? All the secrecy? The answer is simple."

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