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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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DJ Dan

The DJ Dan site has been updated with new Mittelwerk advertisments about the Life Extension Project (here), and Mathematical Forecasting Initiative (here), now found in the Eyes on The Man section, when the pictures are clicked:

1st Link: Goes to THF

2nd Link: LEP Commercial

What if 90 years was just the beginning?

Life extension. It's the grand summation of all our work. The Hanso Life Extension Project.
We're reaching out to a better tomorrow.

Now, many wonder, is it safe, is it ethical? We say, meet Joop. He's happy, healthy, 
and 105 years old!

We saved Joop from the ravages of time. Now, he's helping us to save our own lives.

3rd Link: MFI Commercial

The brute force of Nature. Need we always live at its mercy? Life's tragedies:  they bring
pain, but they also bring understanding. While Nature's fury cannot be checked, 
the human cost can be.

With the Hanso Mathematical Forecasting Initiative, we're advancing warning systems and 
speeding disaster relief. 

At the Hanso Foundation, we're reaching out to a better tomorrow, in which Man and Nature 
live in harmony. 

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