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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Retrievers of Truth update

The ROT backsite gave us the next clue word today in the newest thread "The clue's the thing".

10:43am You need to get a clue. 
10:44am But from where my love? 
10:45am You get it from the waitress! THE END? 

What you get from the waitress at "the end" is the CHECK. At , the last word in the string was found totally by accident and trial and error to be TOMORROW. This completes the word string at:

There is a login and password box that pops up, so no access yet.

For review, here are the individual clues, and how they were found:

  • WELCOME - ROT backsite chat "If you don't get it you don't get it. - 06/26/06", talked about "first word of first song from Caberet"
  • YOUR - DSLerator over private AIM conversations gave out the clue "Here’s your next hint: 25 15 21 18" (translates to "y-o-u-r")
  • NEXT - Answer to Mandrake Wig MySpace blog "Jeopardy" question #3 "To which Ralph replied, chicken necks." (1/2 he didn't know the answers to)
  • VIDEO - Answer to Mandrake Wig MySpace blog "Jeopardy" question #4 "Not a friend to the radio star." (2/2 he didn't know the answers to)
  • NEEDS - In Mandrake email newsletter #2 - "Maslow's hierarchy" (1/2 things dog asked Wally to ponder)
  • YOUR - In Mandrake email newsletter #2 - "Keep who's eye on the prize" (2/2 things dog asked Wally to ponder)
  • EXPERIENCES - Caption of Mandrake Flickr album photo "Bole pie" is "Direct observation or participation"--exact word-for-word definition of "Experiences" according to Webster's dictionary
  • CHECK - ROT backsite chat "The clue's the thing. - 07/01/06", talked about a waitress bringing a clue, THE END
  • TOMORROW - Unknown what the clue to this word is yet (total guess at TLEC blog)

  • Clue to Spider protocol letter "SORROW". Which was guessed on June 29th is also revealed in the new ROT Thread.

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