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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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1 July

Retrievers of Truth New Thread.. Featuring new clues "check" and "tomorrow"

2 July

Lost ninja blog update.

confirmed the last clueword "Tomorrow"

3 July

Rachel Blake Fake/cover blog updated to Italy.

Rachel's Real/Secret Blog updated New Post new Video Link username and password to ROT clue word puzzle.

Retrievers of Truth update. instructions what to do with clue words.

key points of Rachel's Video post.

4 July

New RB post, and new audio.

5 July

New RB post

New DJDan Podcast

6 July

New RB post, Photo's of Boat link

10 July

RB Post

DJ Dan New Podcast

12 July

RB Post, with some audio.

Hanso Foundation Commercial aired.

14 July

New Rachel Blake Post.

New Retrievers of Truth Thread

17 July

ROT password has been changed.

New email has been sent from Wally Bole

18 July

New RB post & video.

19 July

New ads on DJ Dan's site.

20 July

New Rachel Blake post.

21 July

New Rachel Blake post.

Password on ROT changed to Steinbeck.

New video.

22 July

Rachel Blake makes an appearance at Comicon. up and clue-ready.

23 July

New glyph found.

24 July

New glyph found.

25 July

New glyphs found.

26 July

New glyphs found.

27 July

New glyphs found.

28 July

New glyph found.

31 July

New glyphs found.

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