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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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New fragment

As of 14:52 board time another fragment has been released. This brings the total to 29. No one has yet found the 29th glyph/fragment.

DJ Dan update

On his podcast archive[1] page, there are the following paragraphs:

Next podcast...

Who loves ya? When DJ Dan promises more details he sure as heckfire gives em!

1) Do you have a question that's burned a hole through your brain, trashed your limbic system and kept the ole ticker ramped up to 8000 RPMs? Well, my poor ConspiraSpy, DJ Dan takes pity on your plight! If your question is good... no, GREAT, I will answer it LIVE LIVE LIVE on my Friday, August 11th show! So, get cracking! Send those emails to!

2) The live show will be on 8/11 at 11 PM Pacific Standard Time, ConspiraSpies!

But, DJ Dan, you ask, where do I tune my interweb browsing software? And when? How do I HEAR THE SHOW??? Sorry kids... you know as well as I that the EYES OF THE MAN are constantly sweeping, searching for good ole DJ Dan. And I ain't gonna let em shut me down!

But, I gotta compromise. The TRUTH is too IMPORTANT to HIDE! So, twelve hours before the show, and not a minute sooner, I'll release the final details. Risky? You bet. But it's the best I can do to throw those loonybirds off the trail.

Til Friday!

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