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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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  • Code: 56
  • Date Found: August 30
  • Location: Speaker's comments.
  • Description: Mittelwerk talking.
  • Transcript: Mittelwerk- "We need not take any more lives than is absolutely neccessary. Yes?"



  • Code: 57
  • Date Found: August 30
  • Location: On Rachel Blakes StopHanso site, in a flash file [1].
  • Description: Mittelwerk talking.
  • Transcript: Mittelwerk- "... and the bodies of the dead must be brought to this station immediately for full genetic work[...]"

New thread

Entitled "Delivering the goods" Here is the transcript of the conversation.

iobiSeeingYou: Beatink, only you could come out of a mess like this smelling better than you did 
before you went into it. I'm amused and surprised.

iobiSeeingYou: You all are so easily duped. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

Fiberoptician: You probably shouldn't try throwing him, he looks pretty heavy.

DSLerator: Shut up Fiber.

iobiSeeingYou: Yeah, shut up Fiber... hehehe.

Fiberoptician: Yeah, I don't know if you've really proven you're worthy yet...

BroadBandBeatnik: Come on people! You've got to be kidding me. What more can I possibly do to make
you believe in me again?

iobiSeeingYou: Hmmm…. Get us Jets season tickets? A year subscription to the National Geographic?
Oh I got it! Tell us all you know about the mystery woman.

Fiberoptician: Yeah, smooth operator, I'm all ears.

BroadBandBeatnik: Eh..No.

DSLerator: See. That just screams traitor to me.

BroadBandBeatnik: PFT. As if. You go around doubting my integrity, questioning my judgment and
threaten to kick me off the board I programmed? I'm totally entitled to keep some secrets.

iobiSeeingYou: Come on Beatnik. Stop being such a fuss. All we wanna know is when Verizon will
 be rid of Hanso once and for all?

BroadBandBeatnik: Guys, all I'm at liberty to say is that the end of our Hanso tutelage is near.

Fiberoptician: Well that's heartening. Although somehow it makes me feel like I will no longer
 have a purpose in life.

DSLerator: Don't despair. Once we've done all we can for the cause, I'm sure iobi will discover 
a new conspiracy to keep us entertained. But next time I'll be sure to keep SPIES off the board.

iobiSeeingYou: Well it's not over till it's over.

BroadBandBeatnik: DSL, that's harsh and unfair…. but I forgive you. 'Cause I'm a forgiving and
friendly person.

DSLerator: Well I'm not.

BroadBandBeatnik: Sigh. Ok, I got something for you that will hopefully end your bitterness.

DSLerator: I highly doubt that.

DSLerator: What you got?

BroadBandBeatnik: This morning while you, Fiber and iobi were in a meeting, we got a delivery.
Addressed to you know who from you know who else.

Fiberoptician: What's in the box? WHAT"S IN THE BOX!!!

BroadBandBeatnik: A small token of appreciation from…her. Disguised as a sugar coma.

iobiSeeingYou: CHOCOLATE!!!!

DSLerator: Oh yeah? Taking candy from strangers has never been a good idea. But in this case I 
think I can make an exception. Was there a note or something?

iobiSeeingYou: Let's take a look.

BroadBandBeatnik: Be my guests

Fiberoptician: Stop hording the candy and share!

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